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ISO/IEC. TS. First edition. Conformity assessment — Requirements and recommendations for content of a third-party audit report on. ISO/IEC TS contains requirements and recommendations to be addressed in a third-party management system certification audit. ISO/IEC TS Conformity assessment — Requirements and recommendations for content of a third-party audit report on management systems. 1.

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For manufacturerswholesalers, retailers and service providers, they can make sure that their products and services meet specified requirements and deliver on customer expectations. Assessing their products and services in accordance with the CASCO toolbox helps them to meet the current best practice and avoid the financial costs and reputational damage of product failure in the market, including subsequent activities such as product recalls, product returns and destruction of unsuitable product.

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It now reads more in order of how certification services are delivered by a CB. Cannot imply the product is certified by this means To include the name of the CB Defining audit time and audit duration, is then focusing requirements for justification on 170022 duration, which is the time from the opening to the closing meeting.

Improving effectiveness of operational and organizational control by CBs of remote offices regardless of their organizational structure Allowing a statement, but no mark, on product packaging not on product and accompanying literature that a company has a certified management system: In my opinion it will be easy for any current CB to conform to the changes.

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For those that like to numerically characterize changes, Rob Dye who is an ANAB accreditation assessor and instructor, made the following summary analysis of changes:.

This combination of broad geographical reach and development with a multi-stakeholder environment mean the CASCO toolbox is widely supported and used. For regulatorsit provides a tool for managing compliance and providing an objective and defensible means to implement public policy and enforce national health, safety and environmental legislation. Menu Skip to content.

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Regulators in many sectors specify the use of conformity assessment by referring to relevant International Standards and Guides, known as the CASCO isl. Inputs for the revision included:. However, in response to concerns by several stakeholder groups, WG21 initiated a revision focused on competence.

But I also think nearly all of the changes are improvements and will add to the credibility and integrity of certification. Inputs for the revision included: Get inside info on the world of standards delivered to you every Friday. Consumers also derive benefit from the CASCO toolbox because it provides them with a basis for selecting products or services in the market, including matters such as quality, price, safety, reliability, compatibility, interoperability, efficiency isi effectiveness, and even the colour of a product.

Consumers may have more confidence in products or services that are supported by a formal mark or certificate of conformity that attests to quality, safety or other desirable characteristics. When there is a gap in certification up to six monthsmaking sure the certification documents clearly identify the gap.


This is my personal opinion. Those experts also come from a range of stakeholders and perspectives, including regulators, industry, consumer groups, scheme owners, standards officers, testing laboratories, inspection bodies, certification bodies and accreditation bodies.

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They have a broad geographical reach because the experts that have contributed to their development are nominated by many national standards bodies around the world.

Very few CBs will need to make any significant changes to their processes.

The CASCO toolbox provides a means for organisations to take responsibility for their own compliance, and can reduce costs for governments when regulatory schemes utilise recognised private sector conformity assessment providers.

The last face to face meeting of WG21 was in January For those that like to numerically characterize changes, Rob Dye who is an ANAB accreditation assessor and instructor, made the following summary analysis of changes: At this meeting, there was also consensus among WG21 members to support the IAF Resolution that the transition period be iao years from publication.

It is also appropriate as a requirements document for the peer evaluation process for mutual recognition arrangements between accreditation bodies. It addresses the structure and operation of the agreement group only insofar as they 71022 to the peer assessment process. Other changes are as follows: It covers testing and calibration performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory-developed methods.